We offer financial services to our esteemed customers such as mobile banking, agent banking and table banking.

Our Objectives

To eradicate poverty and enhance self-reliance.

To improve the living standards of people.

To enhance peace, unity, and togetherness.

To plant trees and make our country green.

To offer skills, training and employment opportunities to the members.

To promote health by buying and selling of herbal health products and companies like Forever living, GNLD, Tiens, Dynapham, etc.

To buy and sell seedlings from other local groups.

To offer table banking and friendly loans through organized subsidiary groups to registered members.


To empower the members of the community to be able to

fight and eradicate poverty to improve their

living standards through table banking

and friendly loans.


To be able to meet the needs of the community and

expand to be a worldwide organization that supports community projects through table banking,

lending and other financial activities.

Products and Services

Trust us with your financial needs. We offer financial services and solutions.

NB; Membership is totally voluntary

Group Regulations and Policies

  1. Each and every member must register with a non-refundable fee of Kshs 1000.
  2. Every member must get a passbook and attend training free of charge.
  3. All registered members must attend meetings without failure.
    Unnecessary lateness and absenteeism are punishable.
    Insurance fee Kshs.1000.
  4. Loan application/assessment forms are kshs.1000.
  5. All registered members should have a positive attitude towards their group in order to meet its objectives.
  6. Any member/official who brings irregularities of any sort within the organization shall be summoned and warned by the executive against the same thrice after which he or she shall be dismissed if the character persists.

Dayanafirm is a local organization comprising of professionals who came up with the idea of uplifting each other at times of need.


Currently we have 3496 members with three branches in bungoma in bumula,kakamega town Mwalimu house building  and busia at Asinge market.


As the saying goes;money speaks all languages and today,it's only money that makes this world go round.With no money things can't run the way a person wants.

And that is why a group of professionals came together and founded Dayanafirm in 25th August 2009 with 3 main objectives;


Otherwise, also known as village banking is when our members come to save money with our organization for PURPOSES of applying for a friendly loan later on upon qualification.


Also known as table banking loans are monies disbursed to our members upon borrowing for their businesses or personal uses either emergency or normal and later refund with low interest


The organization deals in afforestation and has tree nurseries where we sell all types of tree seedlings.

We also buy tree seedlings from other organizations,groups and individuals.




a)Membership is voluntary

b)A member has to be 18yrs and above with a valid national ID or passport.

c)A member must be of sound mind.

d)A member must have a KRA pin certificate


a) A member has to pay a one time registration fee of 1000/= and be issued with a registration receipt.

b)The purposes of registration is to identify our members and make it easier for the organization to reach out to our loan member applicants.

c)Our registered members are at an advantage of receiving emergency loans applied for and should they have any other emergency the organization is ready to assist.

d)Our registered members are given priority when they come to sell their tree seedlings to our organization

Every organization is guided by sets of rules and policies. In the same organization,

there is always a team that looks to ensure the policies are followed

and respected. It the only way to ensure

the success of an organization



Our Motto

The power of one is the power for all

Our disciplinary committee consists of;

⦁ Executive chairperson

⦁ Chief coordinator

⦁ Secretary General

⦁ Subsidiary groups’ chairperson

⦁ Subsidiary groups’ secretary

⦁ Two other members from the group

⦁ The patron

To be a member

  • You should have a national Identity card

  • You should be of sound mind

  • You should come from the groups’ locality

For more information feel free to Contact Us

Dayana Firm Group
Tel: 0202058265/ 0735722266/0718095184/0724600571
Email: dayanafirmgroup@yahoo.com

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Tuesday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Wednesday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Thursday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Friday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM